Company Policy and other useful info...

When you walk in please make yourself at home. Have a seat on the comfy couch and if you have not already filled out the client intake form you will find it on the hutch when you walk in. This is a two sided form that needs to be filled out thoroughly. It is important to be accurate with injuries, operations, illnesses or conditions- even if these occurred in the distant past it is important.

You're well-being is important to me. Ive chosen to use only natural organic oils and creams without additives or preservatives. The main one I use is organic Coconut Oil because not only does it feel and smell wonderful- but it has many benefits when applied to the skin! Anything scented whether in the air or in the massage oil will be from therapeutic grade essential oils. Again- nothing funky, nothing unnatural, and certainly no parabens...  just pure and natural earthy goodness! 

It is extremely important to drink plenty of water after every massage. The recommended amount would be half of your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 lbs you should be drinking 75oz of water after your massage. This helps to rehydrate the muscle and flush out lactic acid and other cellular wastes. Massage helps to detox the body by pulling the toxins out of storage- and water is the vehicle to rid the body of this afterward!

Considerations.. If you have any conditions of the heart, kidney, blood, liver or cancer please tell me before your massage. Whether other practitioners have worked on you or not- it may still be contraindicated. If your unsure just ask..  You're well-being is very important to me and communication is key. Full disclosure of any illness, past or present, injury or operation- even those that occurred long ago are important for me to know. If you're not sure ask before we start the massage.

The perks summed up 
  • From the time you walk in you'll be at ease in the cozy waiting room. Enjoy soft lighting, soothing music, and herbal tea.
  • The treatment room also has soft dim lighting, lulling music and a heated table,. Hot stones can be added at no extra cost!
  • I encourage open communication so that you get the most from your sessions and help you to look at the possible "culprits"
  • One thing Ive been told I do differently is stretching. This is extremely beneficial to your session and I think you'll be able to tell!
  • Not only are you choosing a natural alternative but its done with a natural products.. that just makes it all the better!
  • Love massages???- Ive created the perfect package deals for you- and you save $$$!  Check out the services section for more info!


Company Policy- please read

Appointment Info
1. Available by appointment only.

2. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early for you first appointment to fill out the client intake form.
    If you've been to me before please arrive a few minutes early so that we can discuss your problem areas and create a plan of action

3.  I ask that you be ready to be on the table at the time you are booked for. Arriving a few minute early will insure you get your full time booked. Any necessary assessments or bathroom time should be taken care of before the start of your appointment time.

4.  If you know in advance that your appointment time wont work- please let me know asap. I understand things happen and will accommodate you the best I can-  please call or text 419-389-2228 to cancel and request reschedule.
    *** No shows could result in a $33 dno- charge or the full forfeit of gift certificates and vouchers. Likewise- should I have to cancel you without sufficient notice I will give you a free upgrade.

Sick Policy
Should I catch a bug I will reschedule you and I would hope for the same courtesy. It is not healthy to receive massage when you are sick or with a cold - additionally if I get a bug I cannot work lest I get someone else sick. Please cancel if you think you are coming down with something, have something or are getting over something. Thank you for your consideration!

Simply use the online scheduler to schedule any appointments- or call me and I will do it for you, gladly. If you found an online deal then there is a specific link used for that promotion. Please see promotion or contact me for details. Prepaid services, any packages, or gift certificates are not redeemable for cash. If for whatever reason you are unable to use them I will gladly make out gift certificates for the credited amount so that you can use them for your gift giving needs. NO CASH REFUNDS

Package Deals
The 3 pack of massages are to be used within 3 calendar months. You can also use this deal when you need multiple gift certificates. Keep some- give some. Its up to you. These cannot be redeemed for cash- and no cash refunds are given. Please see "Redemption" above.

Hours of Operation
By appointment only. Typically: Monday- Friday with the occasional Saturday (Saturdays are $75 per hour- no prepaid, discounted or vouchers accepted. Monday and Tuesday later appointments are available, Wednesday rotates accommodating both those with day time availability and those who get off after 330pm. Thursday and Friday are for mornings through afternoon with the last appointments starting at 230.

I love children but unless your child is there for an appointment I ask that you please do not bring them with you unless there is someone to watch them in the waiting room-  considering this wont cause a disturbance for our session or others in the waiting area.

Cell Phones
Please refrain from taking calls when in the waiting room. This disturbs the person who is in the treatment room and ruins the peaceful flow we try to maintain within the office. After all this is where you come to get away from it all! It is also recommended to silence your phone during your session- this is your time to take care of you. Let the melting begin!

We understand unanticipated events happen occasionally in our lives.  In my desire to be affective and fair to all clients, the following policies are honored.

24 hour advance notice is appreciated: when cancelling an appointment.  This allows the opportunity for someone else to schedule an appointment. Illness isn't planned- if you are feeling under the weather- please cancel as soon as you know. Thank you.

Late Arrivals  If you are late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments following yours.  Once you arrive we can determine if there is enough time remaining to start a session. Regardless of the length of session, you will be responsible for the full session in which you booked.

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to serving you!

Tonia Patton, L.M.T.      419-389-2228             205 Farnsworth Rd Suite I, Waterville, Ohio        Inside Peddler's Alley with Smedlap's